Wednesday, September 19, 2007


As a general whole I do not really like the sales industry. I really hate pushing people to buy a product, even if it may be something that they need. Shockingly enough I am actually pretty good at it. I use my own methods and my own ways. I do not care who you are, you do not like to hear a pitch or feel like you are being forced to buy something just because this person made it sound good. I currently sell auto insurance (don't hate me, its not that bad) which is something that, by law, everyone with a vehicle must have. It is sooo stupid to not have it! But, most people that do have insurance have no idea what kind of coverages they have, or even if they do as a general whole the public does not have a clue as to what it exactly means or covers. So, if you are not a complete ass to me when you talk to me, even if my quote is too high, I will at least try to make you understand what you are spending hundreds of dollars a year on.

Now...I do not like to be pushy. I like to give people options and choices, and not force them into purchasing something. Generally, this works. I have many people call me back and set up policies later, so obviously even if I do not sell on the first try people don't feel forced and call me back. I also think they like the fact that I take my time with them. Do not get me wrong, if you are an ass you will not get nice Lauren. Lauren will do her job, do the quote, and then say good bye lickedly split.

Commission is a great factor in making me try harder at my job. I want to make the sales because I want to make the extra money. We have to sell a certain number of policies in order to make commission and then when you sell additional after that you get a certain dollar amount per sale...sweet. But, I have been in a "zone" that sucks! It is the worst area to be quoting in and we are not competitive so we cannot sell. I average commission every two weeks, which I am satisfied with. I did not think I would make it this week and the last quote I did today was from area that we NEVER sell in. I sold the damn thing, hit commission, and felt fab! The dollar amount was high, but the customer still took it...thank you lady from Miami in order for pushing me into my goal so I will not be broke next payday!

Just thought I would update on my sales for the week and that I do not completely suck at life!

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