Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Everyone else is doing it

I now remember why I never followed through with my blog in the past...I always press the wrong damn keys and wind up deleting my post!!! I had to keep a blog in college for my writing and technology course, and I now vividly remember being so pissed off after I wrote something very insightful and then KABLAM it was gone. Bitches. I will get the hang of it soon.

So anyways, here I am...a little past fashionably late on the blog scene as per usual. I decided to start posting again because I need somewhere just to write and not to be judged. Not having to worry about grammatical errors or the flow of my thoughts. Thank god I got my degrees and don't have to worry about the blood red papers I will be getting back on a daily basis. They can just be here and that be that. Funny...in so many of my English courses in college we studied semiotics, I even wrote a term paper on it, yet these were the professors telling me I needed to "gather" my writings. Semiotics is the study of words and the way they are used...and bottom line words can only be used in the context in which they were presented, but somehow someone else is always telling you how you could have done it better. Now there is a clear difference between not being able to write a coherent paper and writing in a manner that may appeal to the literary critics. If you cannot manage a simple declarative sentence you may need to go back to the basics, but if you can write something that someone understands you just don' used "big words" every other word then there is not a problem. I remember my communication professors saying that using too many big words was just trying to show off your vocab and not really understanding what you are talking about. Everyone is a critic I suppose.

Speaking of writing I read a great book this weekend. It is called "Bad Girl" by Maya Reynolds. Great read. Not the typical novel that I would normally read, but I suggest you get your booties down to Barnes and Noble, Borders, Amazon, or wherever your choice of purchase may be and buy it immediately. I was so impressed with her writing style that I googled her to find out what other works she had out there and turns out that this was her first published. I personally think this is a fantastic first novel. I hope that she gets the response she needs for her publishers to put out more of her books because I have not had an author be able to evoke emotion the way she did since I read Pride and Prejudice. Now, do not get me wrong, I am not comparing her to Jane Austin (totally different genres/era etc), but that was the last book that I actually felt emotion while reading. There have been plenty of books that have had me turning pages to find out what happened next, but that was sheer suspense of wanting to know how the plot played out...not how will I be feeling next chapter. And yes...I am trying to spread the word as much as possible because I just loved this book so much...no shame in my game.

I think that is good for now.

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Maya Reynolds said...

Lauren: Thanks so much for the lovely compliment. I appreciate it enormously.

I think the goal of all fiction should be to create emotion in the reader. It's nice to know you think I succeeded.

Warm regards,