Thursday, September 20, 2007

Another Day Wiser

We are told that we learn something new everyday. This was definitely the case for me yesterday. I went out with two of my male coworkers for drinks and to watch people kareoke last night. I thought that it would be innocent enough. I, being responsible, only had 2 drinks, whereas my male counterparts had about 10 a piece. One of them I was driving so it really didn't matter how hammed he got, the other one is just stupid when it comes to drinking and driving. You would think that a DUI in college would have stopped him from doing it again, but I guess some people do not learn from their mistakes.

Anyway...I was somehow convinced to go to the strip club with them...on a Wednesday night, wtf. It was straight though, they were fine with just sitting at the bar and not making me go sit at the stage so they could oggle the girls closer. Well then the drunk driver decides he wants to see how fucked up he could get the other guy and gets him a shot of wild came back up in the matter of seconds. Lucky for him he was able to make it to the bathroom before his projections were released. They were both loud as hell and obnoxious, granted it was entertaining, but also embarassing at the same time when you are sober.

Then all of a sudden the cocktail waitress is like, "HEY LAUREN, HOW ARE YA?!" I replied in idle chit chat, but did not have a damn clue as to who I was talking to. I did not recognize the face at all. Then the drunk comrades wanted me to introduce and thought I was just lying when I said I had no idea who she was. So then the puker gets up and goes and asks her how she knows me, when he comes back he leans in and tells me that we grew up in the same neighborhood, played softball together, went to the same school, and rode the bus to school together. It took me a few minutes, but then I finally placed who she was. I hadn't seen this girl since I was about 15 and acually had forgotten all about her. She was one of those girls that was a leader when you are younger and gained the attention most wanted from the boys, probably because she was "fast". I actually kinda felt bad for her, I used to look up to her and wish I could be more like her. Lately I have been cursing my decision to go to college because of the massive debt of student loans I am swamped in and the lack of career potential for me in my town. But, I have put a plan into action that I would move to a new city when my lease was up and start over. I could market my sales/managerial/educational background to land something decent. I have even started networking. Last night I realized that college was not a bad decision, yes it gave me debt but look at the potential I have...and the girl that I once wished I could be is serving drinks to men only there to oggle women willing to bare it all. That was the reality check that I needed to know that I do have potential and that I will actually be moving my life forward.

Do not get me wrong, do what you gotta do to make your money. If you are stripping to get through school or a time in life where you need money fast and its the only legal way to do it, so be it. If you are stripping for a career, thats your choice, but do recognize that you can only stay in that game for so long before it turns one of two ways. You do the math on those options. One day you will be too old to do it, or after you have a baby your body may not bounce back to what it used to be. I have nothing against strippers or strip clubs, they are what they are, and I can't say that I have not had fun when I went up there in my limited experience (mostly for the no cover and free drinks). I guess it hits you a little differently when you see someone who you used to look up to working in a place with no future.


Maya Reynolds said...

Lauren: Congratulations on your plan for life and career.

My personal belief is that it's important to have a plan--and equally important to be able to be flexible enough to recognize when to adjust it to fit new circumstances.

When is your lease up?

Lauren said...

I'm excited about my decision too. My lease is up in April, so I have plenty of time to plan and save money before the big day comes. Although, if it goes by as fast as the rest of this year has I will be moving tommorow!