Thursday, September 27, 2007

Premiere Week

If you are an ABC junkie as I am, you know that it was premiere week for all of the shows. Here is my little input on the shows thus far (I am still waiting for Sunday's, those look fab).

Private Practice: Okay, so this is the spin off show from Grey's Anatomy. I think the show has potential, but I think the first episode was a little crazy. First, I know that they did the pilot last season so we had already been introduced to the characters, but I am sure that there are plenty of people who do not know who they are...there should have at least been a recap. I remembered who the characters were, but completely forgot their names and everything that had been introduced about them six months ago. Second, I understand the concept of trying to catch the audience's attention and real them into watching the next episode, but this episode was just way too busy. Aside from the fact that we were trying to remember who was who, we had to follow the story all over the place. First it starts with Addison on the Grey's set, then her dancing naked, then a bunch of people being pissed and yelling, then some crazy girl counting tiles somewhere we had no idea she was at at first, and then Addison doing an emergency c-section. Too much being thrown all over the place. Since I am a believer in sticking it out I will watch next week's episode. I just hope that they calm it down a bit.

Dirty Sexy Money: This is a new show this season, and I must say the pilot was fantastic. It did a great job of introducing the characters and showing the crazy life that was going on for everyone. The twist at the end that one of the family members was probably responsible for killing the father was interesting. I hope that it is not something that they try to play out for the entire series, I am interested to know what kind of take they are going to put on that. The assistant putting the personal ring tones on the phone for the family was hilarious. I think this show has great potential.

Ugly Betty: Those bastards at ABC got me on that one! They have set up a great story line for the season. Alexis wakes up from a coma and doesn't know he has had a sex change. Henry pops back up at the end of the episode. Justin is going to be interning at Mode (I do think that is against child labor laws, but its fiction so its cool). Amanda was wearing a fat suit, that was hysterical! They have definitely tied last season up and used it fantastically to set up for the rest of the season. I have to say again that those bastards got me! I thought Santos was alive. That was so sad that it was all a dream and Hilda has a break down because he is really gone. I totally did not see that one coming. They were being so sweet together throughout the episode, I really thought they decided to keep him...tragic. 4 stars for Ugly premiere so far this week in my book.

Grey's Anatomy: Where do I begin? I was very upset with Grey's last season because first the premiere sucked, then the entire season was a mess. Grey's is also notorious for not showing episodes for weeks at a time without any warning. I decided that if they did not get their act together I would not be watching it anymore. This premiere was pretty good, so the show has potential, especially with 2 of their major actors gone from the show. The one thing I did not like was the whole Izzy trying to save the deer thing. Maybe it was suppose to show something the bambi thing she was trying to talk to George about, but my personal guess was that the network was trying to mess with Katherine because she asked for more money since she is such a "big actress" now. I liked knocked up, but one good movie does not make you a star. The preview for next week looked good, hopefully Grey's writers got their shit together and they will be able to make an excellent season and get Grey's off the shit list.

Big Shots: Was decent, I'm still not 100% sure about how I like this show. It was definitely funny and I think they have a lot of room to grow. Plus my main man Michael Vartan is in it, and lets face it ladies we would watch it solely for him...or maybe thats just be, but I don't think so. Dylan McDermott is pretty hot himself. I think the guys had great chemistry together. Maybe this will be another show I add to my ABC junkie list.

I love ABC. When I moved into my apartment I did not get cable because I was trying to save on additional expenses, then I realized with the magic of bunny ears (or as you may know them antennas) I saw that you get 5 channels for free. Lucky for me ABC comes in great with no breaks in reception. That is pretty much the only channel I watch anyway. Although, I do love Big Love, so I have to go over to my dad's house to watch it on Icontrol...but that is between seasons right now so it is alright. Anyway, that is my rundown on my shows. Its what I do on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights. My other nights are freed up to do whateva. I can't wait until Sunday to see how Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters turns out. I will probably tune in for the Pushing Daisies and Carpoolers premieres next week, but count me out for that Caveman shit...who the hell did Geico sell their souls to to get that on air? So there is my two cents, hope you enjoyed.

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